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      • LCR meter - first results

        Here my first update:

        Got the analog part up and running.[more] Unfortunaltely I had to do some "bugfixes" & optimizations... Nevertheless, tests have proven that it supports up to 100 kHz test frequencies.

        The low level stuff of the software is also d

      • Cheap 'n good LCR meter (or RLC meter?) for SMD components
        How often do I debug electronic circuits and have a lot of SMD components lying on my table. To avoid mixing up wrong values I usually throw them away.

        Sometimes it would be handy to measure the values of SMD components.

        Already quite some time ago I found a [more] nice device

      • Homemade vortex flow meter
        I have a selfbuilt ventilation system in my house, including a selfmade heat exchanger.

        Of course I'm interesting to measure efficiency of the system, so I added temperature and humidity sensors to it and even realized a function that it only ventilates when the outside humidity is l

      • dielectric absorption
        I read in a book about an effect called "dielectric absorption".
        Basically it is an effect that each capacitor has. Depending on the dielectricum it is larger or smaller.

        When a capacitor is discharged the capacitor charges up again after removing the shortcut between the